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Little white snowflakes fell from the cloudy sky onto the busy streets of downtown of the city. People dressed in layers of clothing were bustling through the streets to shop for the perfect gifts for Christmas. One of them stood out of the crowd. A young teenage girl was covered in a blue winter coat, a yellow t-shirt underneath, a white scarf that's wrapped around her neck, purple earmuffs, green gloves, dark blue jeans and brown boots to keep her warm from the freezing temperature. Held between her gloved hands was the most beautiful Christmas present you have ever seen. A squared box wrapped in shiny green wrapping paper with red and white stripped ribbons, which looks like a candy cane, completed with a fancy white bow on top. The colors of the present showed the true colors of Christmas and the colors of her best friend. Or her... crush, you can say.

The female had (h/l) (h/c) hair and glittering (e/c) eyes. Her name was (Name). Now, you might be wondering where she's currently at right now. Well, she's standing outside of the door of a tall building with it's main floor as a famous Italian restaurant. Many of the citizens of the beautiful city were bustling in front of her while they're talking in joy about the special holiday coming up. (Name) stepped away from the entrance of the building and began to walk along the crowd towards her destination; her best friend's house. She could drive but she doesn't have a car with her at the moment so it's best for her to take the subway or the city bus.

As (Name) walked and walked towards the subway, she began to become deep in thought of the person she's giving the present to. His auburn hair. His golden brown eyes that's filled with cheerfulness. His perfect bright smile. And the hair curl that always stick out of the left side of his head. (Name) blushed at the thought of him. They had been friends for a few years now and (Name) grew a crush on him.

'I hope he likes me back...' (Name) thought to herself. Suddenly, she fell onto the snowy sidewalk and almost let go of the present.

"Watch it, lady!" Someone shouted out to her in anger. (Name) stood back up with the wrapped box in hands and carefully dusted herself off before continuing on.


(Name) was now currently sitting in the subway train that was packed with people. Luckily, when she got on, there were extra seats so she got to sit down instead of standing up like the rest of the passengers. On her way to the subway, she bumped into a few bustling people and almost got the gift for her friend squished like a bug.

"Alright! It's time to get off, people!" A voice was called through the speakers as the train came to a stop and the passengers quickly got out and ran up the stairs towards the surface. (Name) was the last one off and calmly followed the crowd closely behind.


(Name) smiled as she stood outside of her friend's house. The house was painted green with red trimming and was decorated with lovely Christmas lights. (Name) opened the cold iron gate and stepped onto the lot towards the nice-looking house. Short, skinny bristle trees were blanketed with the fallen snow and were in two rows on each side along the stone pathway that leads towards the wooden building. The sky was still covered in gray clouds so it was unknown what time it was but with the small amount of light glowing through the clouds, it was almost dark.

(Name) walked up the steps of the porch and rang the golden doorbell that lied on the wall beside the oak-wooden front door.

A few moments of waiting passed by before the door opened to reveal a bright and happy Italian teenager with a Santa hat on top of his head.

"Ve~ Ciao, bella! Come in!" The Italian, who's name was Feliciano, stepped to the side to let (Name) in, which she gladly did before he closed the door behind her.

After taking off (Name)'s snow boots and winter clothing that isn't necessary to wear indoors, (Name) and Feliciano were now sitting in the Italian's living room on the comfy light brown couch. Feliciano's parents were out shopping at the local mall and Lovino, Feliciano's older brother, was at his friend's, Antonio's, house so the happy-go-lucky Italian was alone at home at the moment.

"I-I know it's a bit early to give you this but I-I wanted to anyway..." (Name) spoke nervously and gave her Italian friend the green, red and white present. "M-Merry Christmas, Feli..."

Feliciano looked at the present with his golden brown orbs glittering with curiosity and quickly unwrapped his gift. He then took the top off and saw freshly-made pasta that sat on a clean white plate, wrapped in saran wrap to keep the pasta's heat in.

The Italian smiled widely and turned his attention towards (Name), his eyes glowing with happiness. He quickly put his gift down on the coffee table in front of them and swiftly pounced on (Name), giving her a tight but warming hug.

"Ve!~ Grazie, (Name)! This is the best Christmas present ever!" Feliciano cheered. "Buon Natale, bella!~"

(Name) blushed fiercely but hugged back. "Buon Natale, Feli."
Sorry for the long absence on posting deviations, guys. You know, school and me being lazy... Anyway, here's a CountryxReader to make it up! Since Christmas is coming up, I decided to write this for you guys. I was going to do a different country but Italy was the only one I can think of XD. As for the other CountryxReaders, I will try to write and get the next part up soon. It's just... I have writer block at the moment... Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this story and have an awesome Christmas! ;)

Grazie: Thank you
Buon Natale: Merry Christmas

Story (c) to me
You (c) to :iconsexyitalyplz:
Hetalia (c) to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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